Youngstown, OH: Food and a Local Distillery

Tour, Day 3
Not much happened on day 3 of tour. We worked out, we packed up, we hit the road, we quickly realized that if Domingos was coming with me he absolutely couldn’t be driving because of the flood of work emails and calls and texts (cue a super-fast Chinese fire-drill right before the toll plaza). We checked in to our hotel in Youngstown, Ohio, I practiced, and we left for the concert. Super exciting!

Venue #3

The hall, in Warren, OH, was absolutely packed and it was the best audience yet. After the show, we were able to  eat in our hotel room thanks to the presence of a microwave, and then we went across the street to Vintage Estate Wine & Beer, a fabulous bar and shop with an insane amount of craft beer for sale. Which means I of course chose to have a glass of wine.

Tour, Day 4
The next morning, we were up bright and early for my next planned outing: breakfast at The Kitchen Post in Youngstown. This was another huge winner. I had a delicious breakfast sandwich on a biscuit drizzled with honey (a design flaw one of my dining companions helpfully pointed out to the management). We got one waffle for the table to share, and it was roll-your-eyes good.

Our next stop was a local distillery, Candella, located right in downtown Youngstown. We were the only customers there (since it was just 10:00 on a Saturday morning!) and were treated to an in-depth tasting and tour by the founder and CEO, Bill Candella. He was very welcoming and answered our many questions with patience and humor. I didn’t try any of the liquors since I was driving, but everyone else really enjoyed them!

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