Wyler Aerial Tramway

View from a  picnic spot along the Trans-Mountain highway

Last week, I was able to take a quick trip down to El Paso to visit several friends who live there. I had a fabulous time seeing my girlfriends, eating great meals, and having a very decadent day celebrating my friend Jeanie’s birthday – massages, clothes shopping, pedicures, and a Japanese hibachi grill dinner! I decided to adopt it as my birthday day as well, since fall tour kicks off on my actual birthday and I get to spend the day driving to the first location and then watching my husband conduct (which is one of my favorite activities, but is not the same as a girly spa day!).

Jeanie and Jeanine indulged me in my desire to take a ride on the Wyler Aerial Tramway in El Paso, and it was a lot of fun. The tram goes up 940 vertical feet in about four minutes, and the top offers fabulous 360° views of El Paso and into Mexico. It was cold and very windy at the top, but I still got some great photos.


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