Wrapping up Tour

Tour, Day 12
We left Schaumburg and headed to Ottawa, IL for an afternoon concert. The band was playing in a gymnasium, which was actually a lot of fun. There’s definitely a different vibe for gym concerts. The gym was hung with championship banners, the majority of which featured the high school’s band program rather than its athletic department. Domingos was conducting, and our friends Karl and Angie were able to attend as well as their daughter and Karl’s parents and grandmother. 

Venue #?

After the concert, we met up with Karl and his family at a local brewpub for dinner and drinks. It was great to catch up. One of the best things about tour is seeing various friends and family along the way.

Tour, Day 13
We decided to try the Thai restaurant in Ottawa for lunch before hitting the road. It was fine, not great, but not awful. I was sad that my pad see ew was served with the thinner pad Thai noodles instead of the traditional wide noodles.

Still, I’d rather have average Thai food than a lot of other options, especially anything fast food!

Our next destination was Normal, IL.


We were in a nice Marriott, but I had to pay to park in a garage and internet was also not free – the only time that happened on tour.

The concert that night was at the Bloomington Center for the Arts, a pretty hall not too far away.

Tour, Day 14
The next morning, we ate breakfast at a nearby diner and then I departed for West Lafayette, IN to visit my aunt and uncle and Domingos went with the rest of the band to Indianapolis. I had a great visit with my family; my parents came over from Goshen and a contingent of family drove up from Indianapolis. Domingos was conducting the evening’s concert in Lafayette, and it was fun having so much family in the audience.

Venue #?

After the concert, Domingos and I spent the night at my aunt’s house.

Tour, Day 15
The next morning, Domingos rode with me back to Indianapolis, where we had lunch with my mom’s two sisters and their housemate Allen. My cousin was also able to visit for a bit with his wife and two children. Then Domingos and I went to check in to the hotel (the band had checked in the day before) and settle in a bit before the evening’s concert in the beautiful Carmel Center for the Performing Arts.

Venue #?

My aunt Lucy and I went to the concert together and had a great time catching up.

After the concert, I was in the dangerous “hangry” territory, and it was quite a struggle to find a place open and serving food in Carmel, IN after 10pm. Luckily, we finally found a place for a meal and a drink.

Tour, Day 16
After a tearful goodbye (just kidding, though I never like parting from Domingos), I went my separate way from tour and drove up to Goshen, IN to spend a few days with my parents, where I am currently writing this post. Domingos continued on with tour to Greenville, OH and then Columbus, OH, where the band will finish up with their last concert on the 20th.

It has been a blast tagging along with the band, and I’ve learned a lot in terms of prepping and packing for the next tour in the spring. I’ve met lots of wonderful musicians in the band and it’s fun to feel more a part of Domingos’s work life. The biggest challenge is remembering that even though I’m on vacation, he’s working. Coming up in late February: the southeast. Stay tuned for locations and come out and hear the band if they’re in your area!



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