Weekend Mornings

I like to go to a little more effort for breakfast on the weekends.  Sometimes we’ll make french press coffee instead of using our Keurig brewer.  I’ll make an oven omelet, or my version of a tortilla espanola, which usually ends up scrambled since I have trouble with the flipping.  Every once in a while I’ll move away from protein and make croissant french toast or pancakes, but in general, I’m a girl who likes my protein in the morning, be it eggs, breakfast meat, or both.

This morning, I tried something that I saw in passing on someone else’s blog (I wish I could remember whose…).  I mixed up pancake batter, filled muffin cups with the batter, and sprinkled chopped cooked bacon on top.  14 minutes at 350° and I had perfectly-done bacon pancake muffins.  We ate them with a little syrup drizzled over them, and they were quite good.  There are two things I will do differently next time I make them: 1) spray the muffin cups with cooking spray; a lot of the pancake stuck to the cup, and 2) mix the bacon in with the batter.  Actually, next time, I think I’ll use sausage instead of bacon.

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  1. Yum! Good call! I saw a post recently recommending cooking the bacon strips on a pancake skillet, then as they’re almost done, pouring the pancake batter down the strip to cook. It looked kinda like Toad-in-a-hole (If you know what that is), except obviously it was bacon-in-a-pancake. “Pig on a beach towel?”

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