Wat Sri Suphan

img_6887After our river cruise ended, Domingos and I headed to the silver district to do some shopping and to revisit the Silver Temple, Wat Sri Suphan. As with many other temples we saw, there was quite a lot of crossover with Hinduism, with various Hindu gods and goddesses represented at these Buddhist temples.

Wat Sri Suphan is covered in a combination of silver, aluminum, and nickel, and there is a lovely large gold and silver Ganesha in front of it. As I mentioned earlier, this was my favorite temple and was really unique. Make sure you put it on your list to visit if you’re going to Chiang Mai!

img_6905 img_6904 img_6894 img_6893


For dinner, we went to The Whole Earth, a large and lovely restaurant with an Indian and Thai menu.

img_6913For starters, we had a couple of appetizers: vegetable pakoras and chicken spring rolls.

img_6921 img_6923 img_6922We shared entrees family style: Massaman chicken curry, Panang chicken curry, and vegetarian Pad Thai.

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  1. I wish I could grab the food out of the pictures. Yum. The silver temple is extraordinary. The intricacy of the craftsmanship is mind blowing.

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