Wandering in Insadong

Yesterday, we headed out to the Insadong area, where you can purchase traditional Korean crafts. It was a cold and sunny day, and we just felt like wandering and window shopping all afternoon before going to a performance that night. [Aside: someday I should do an entire post on what my computer likes to autocorrect Korean words to; “Insadong” became “Invading,” for example.]

Main drag of Insadong
Main drag of Insadong

There were lots of young girls in hanboks [handbooks], probably coming from or going to one of the palaces nearby.

We were hungry, so headed for a restaurant that had people waiting, always a sure thing.


Ever-delicious bibimbap!

After lunch, we browsed in shops and saw lots of cute and interesting items, but we weren’t in a shopping mood and instead took mental notes for Christmas ideas, etc. While I’m out, I often see things that make me think, “Oh, I should put that in the blog,” but when I come to write, it’s hard to recall them all. For example, yesterday in Insadong we passed a man who was holding what looked like 2 small stuffed animals, one in each hand, at chest level. As we got closer, I realized he had 2 small live bunnies! I have no idea why he was carrying them around.

Around 4:00, we left the Insadong area and wandered south a bit to get closer to the theater we were planning to go to at 8:00. We were chilly, so stopped for coffee (which is very expensive here, BTW) and sat and relaxed for a while. At one point, we heard drumming, and a group of protestors (complete with drums) was marching by outside. We couldn’t see their signs, but protests are frequent in Seoul and so far have always been quite peaceful.

We wandered over towards a Lotte store, but at that point we weren’t up to tackling the huge department store. The outside was decorated with lots of pretty lights.I’ve got a Charlie Brown-sized head in this photo.


Finally, it was time to head to our show. We stopped for some food along the way.


Savory chicken mini pie

I’ll write about the show in another entry. For now, here are a few more random pictures from the day:

Seoul has art and sculpture everywhere
Beautiful rice cake treats in a store window
Beautiful rice cake treats in a store window

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    1. No, it was south of Insadong, right next to the Cinecore Theater where the Bipab show is performed. Samil-daero road, near Jongno 3-ga station (Exit #15, turn left when you get to Samil-daero). But it looked like it might be a chain, I’m going to search and see if I can find it. It was a really cute little diner-type place.

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