Wabash, Fort Wayne, Goshen!

Tour, Day 6 continued
Although we were staying in Fort Wayne, the evening’s concert was in Wabash, over an hour away. It took place in the lovely Honeywell Center.

Venue #6

The hall was completely decked out for Christmas already!

Even the bathrooms had the festive spirit!

My parents’ neighbors Pat and Chaney drove an hour and a half each way to come hear the concert, and it was a treat to meet up with them afterwards before they headed home!

Tour, Day 7
Before leaving Fort Wayne, I discovered there was a Skyline Chili in town, so I stopped there for lunch before hitting the road. I had to go alone because the band contingent left at 11:30 and there’s no straying from the assigned route for them. So sad.

There is spaghetti and chili underneath that mountain of cheese! Delicious as always!

My mom had suggested I stop by their house to do laundry on the way to the next stop, Tinley Park, IL, and at first I thought it was a crazy idea, but then I realized it would only add 30 minutes to my trip and I’d have the comfort of their house to relax in while doing my laundry (my parents are out of town at the moment and were out of internet connectivity at the time I got to the house). I got into the garage with no issues, but then was shocked that the door into the house from the garage was locked! I looked everywhere (I thought) for a key, tried calling various aunts and uncles to see if they knew how to get in (no one answered), knocked on the neighbor’s door (no answer), and was about to give up in total despair when I finally accidentally found the key! I had a nice, relaxing afternoon doing laundry, practicing a bit, rearranging the car, and repacking all the suitcases. I finally hit the road around 5pm and made it to Tinley Park with no issues, though Domingos had already left for the concert. I can’t wait for Schaumburg, IL, our next stop, because we’ll be there for four glorious nights in a row!

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