Valentine’s Weekend

Lucky us, President’s Day gave us a 4-day weekend that coincided with Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately, I still had studying to get done, but we still managed to get out and enjoy ourselves. On Friday, we headed back to Buddha’s Belly Thai restaurant for lunch. I tried a spicy noodle dish that just about did me in, though it was delicious.


Saturday was a very rainy day. We headed out to find a Nespresso store to recycle our capsules, which led us to the Lotte near City Hall. We got drenched in the rain – yes, we forgot to take an umbrella – but we did find the Nespresso boutique on the 8th floor of an enormous Lotte store, packed full of shoppers. We were pleasantly surprised to discover the price of capsules was lower here than in the online U.S. store. We picked up a cheap umbrella on the way home so that we didn’t have to get any wetter.

That night, we decided to splurge on a nice steak dinner for Valentine’s Day. We went to a place in IFC mall, and it was truly excellent (other than them forgetting to bring our wine until we asked for it after our main course arrived). We split a delicious, fresh salad, and then got 500 grams (the minimum order) of Hanwoo ribeye to share. This was probably the second best steak I have had after a Wagyu in Las Vegas. We also got a side of garlic broccoli, perfectly cooked and seasoned, and truffle mashed potatoes – with actual shaved black truffles on top, not just truffle oil as seasoning. Sublime! We finished up with affogato – espresso poured over vanilla ice cream.

On our way to dinner in the subway station
On our way to dinner in the subway station

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Somehow, we managed to find room in our stomachs for a Valentine’s Day brunch Sunday morning. We headed out to try Suji’s, a deli and brunch cafe right across the street from the gas station gate. We each had the classic eggs benedict, which were served with a nice salad and roasted potatoes.

Valentine's latte
Valentine’s latte


Sunday evening, we went back to IFC mall to catch a showing of Deadpool, which was highly enjoyable and entertaining.

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