We’ve been back in the States for a week, so I guess it’s time for an update! I’m finally over the jet lag and I’ve made it through most of my PCS to-do list, at least everything I can do before our household goods and storage are delivered. I’m thoroughly sick of hotel living, but it is what it is. We had a very long day of travel last Saturday, but we survived and no one hassled me about my viola, so I count it as a win. 

On Sunday, we saw a few houses for rent with a realtor, and it was a pretty shocking range of completely substandard to absolutely lovely – and of course the place we really wanted already had an application in. It was pretty discouraging. The last place of five that we saw was an option, but we wanted to see more before deciding.

Feeling stressed, we decided it was a good time to go look for our new sofa – an Ekornes Stressless brand (I’m so punny!) that we have been saving up for for several years now. The first store we went to didn’t have the style we wanted to try, and the salesperson was absolutely clueless about the company’s advertised online specials and frankly a bit condescending, as she kept talking about the sofas being high-end and expensive and looking askance at us. She said she would call the next day after she researched the special, but I never heard a word all week! Luckily, we made it to the one other store in the area selling the Stressless brand 15 minutes before they closed, and that salesperson was completely informed about all the specials and even found us another special that was starting in September, saving us over $2,000 altogether. We ordered the sofa and ottoman that we wanted, and they’ll be delivered in 4-6 weeks. So that was a win! We even found a very good Indian restaurant, Royal Taj, for dinner.

On Monday, Domingos went in to Ft. Meade to start his in-processing, and I wandered the enormous PX in a daze, wishing we’d had half as nice a PX in Korea, where it’s actually needed. Around noon, I picked Domingos up and we headed to the Silver Spring Volvo dealership to pick up our new car.

We missed the eclipse while we were doing the paperwork, but I just couldn’t be bothered about it. I figured we’d see pictures later! We love love love the Volvo, and it is a dream to drive and ride in it. After finally completing all the paperwork at the dealer’s – more waiting around than I expected since we’d already bought the vehicle back in June through the terrific overseas military program – we returned the rental car and met up with our realtor to see a few more places. It was another frustrating search – we put an application in on a place but weren’t hearing anything back for the next 24 hours.

I finally decided to just venture out on my own, and ended up finding a place through (the same site we found our awesome Virginia Beach condo through) that I was able to look at first thing Wednesday morning while Domingos was in-processing. Luckily, he trusts me, and I put our application in that afternoon and we were able to sign a lease by the following afternoon. It’s a townhouse with a 10-minute commute to work, and it’s in pristine condition, only about two years old. I have no idea when we’ll get our household goods or storage delivered, but hopefully it will be within a few days of when we get back from our upcoming trip to Massachusetts.

To celebrate signing a lease and having an address, we went to Founders Tavern & Grille in Pasadena, where I had a delicious crab pasta dish.

Here’s my pro moving tip: keep a document on your computer with all the companies you need to register a change of address with, and include hyperlinks to their websites. I was able to change our address with  22 different companies/organizations in about an hour and a half. Super easy.

There’s not much else to report at the moment! Domingos is pretty much done with his in-processing, we’re headed up to Massachusetts in the middle of next week for some true vacation time, and I’m excited to get this next stage of our life started. Our time in Korea was incredibly special, and I made so many wonderful friends and had so many wonderful experiences. I hope to be as fortunate in Maryland!

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