This, That, and the Other

I’ve had some things on my mind lately, but I’m not sure yet if they’re for public consumption or just things to pick apart inside my brain.  I do think about blogging a lot more than I actually sit down and blog, but I want to make sure I always post at least once a week or so.  I’m tired today, so I think a post in bullets might be easier.

  • We got up early to vote before Domingos had to go to work (he was still a little late).  It was just over an hour wait, and very cold.  It will be very interesting to see which way Virginia goes.
  • I’ve been keeping up with my 23 day elliptical plan so far.  14 down, 9 to go.
  • Domingos gave me an iPad for my birthday last week (I knew about it in advance, though), and I absolutely love it.  It will be especially nice to have for India.
  • I thought J. K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy was excellent, but very different from the Potter novels.  I’m irritated at the people giving it lousy reviews just because they were expecting more Harry.
  • I’m trying to get through my stack of library books before leaving for India, but more holds keep coming in.  For some stupid reason, the Virginia Beach public library system doesn’t allow you to suspend holds; you can only cancel them.  I will read what I can and then put things back on hold when I get home if they come in and I miss them.
  • One thing the iPad is very nice for is viewing PDFs, especially in iBooks.  I have several trip-specific PDFs I sent to my iPad, such as detailed maps of the Paris and Amsterdam airports.  Our plan for jetlag ( is in Pages, viewable on the computer, iPad, or iPhone, and several other trip plans and notes are in Evernote, also on all my devices.  It’s really nice to edit things on the computer and have the finished version everywhere.
  • I hope our flights are now final for the trip – they’ve changed more times than I can count, which means choosing seats all over again each time, with fewer and not-so-great choices each time.
  • It’s a long story, but the KLM site currently shows us booked on 2 flights on the final leg home from Detroit to Norfolk, 2-1/2 hours apart.  I guess I’ll have to call and straighten that out.  They also changed our outgoing flight to go through Atlanta instead of New York, and never sent an email with the change (which is 1/2 hour departure difference).  I only found out because I was on the website.  So now I’m checking every day to make sure I don’t miss anything new.
  • It will be interesting to see if the stopjetlag plan works – we thought it was worth paying for and trying out at least once.
  • I had wonderful lunches with 2 different friends yesterday and today.
  • I am grateful to my friends who remember my birthday even when I’m enough of a curmudgeon not to post the date on Facebook.
  • I would really like some caffeine before I teach from 4:45 until 8:00 tonight.  Or possibly a nap.  Or both.
  • I am mostly done with organizing my iPhoto library.  I threw away over 2000 photos!  I think the advent of digital cameras has encouraged us all to keep far too many pictures, and it felt great to really hone in on the best, most memorable images.  I added locations and keywords and titles, adjusted dates and times (a huge pain for the hundreds of photos I scanned from my mom), and streamlined my events.  I will share a few of my favorites here over time.
My brother Dirk and I in Goshen, Indiana, 1975

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