The Viola and Me

1975 - 06

On Sunday afternoon, I played my last orchestra concert (just for now, I hope) with the Richmond Symphony. I have no other performances scheduled or planned in my future, and that is a very strange feeling. The 4th movement of Beethoven 9 has an awful lot of rests at the beginning for the violas, and my brain somehow decided that that was the right time to process that I might not get to play professionally again for 2 or more years. I don’t think I’ve ever come so close to losing it onstage, and I was very emotional afterwards saying good-bye to a few of my closest friends who play there. But if you have to go out, going out on Beethoven 9 is a fine way to go.

Being a freelancer can be challenging sometimes, but I love the variety and the many, many different stand partners I get to sit with, and the different sections I get to play with. I have no idea where life in Korea will take me, but I’ve got the love of my life by my side and a lot of interests to indulge and pursue. I feel lucky that there are other things besides viola that make me happy and fulfilled. I’d just like to say a public thank you to all the orchestras, musicians, and personnel managers who have welcomed me into various groups over the last seven years since I left the Army Strings.

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