Thailand Interlude

We basically lost two days of our vacation transitioning from Koh Lanta to Chiang Mai, as I woke up quite early on our Koh Lanta departure day feeling a lot less than 100%. I lay around in misery most of the day, interspersed with bouts of worshipping the porcelain god, while Domingos finalized all of our packing and departure details at The Houben. He was a superstar and I can’t imagine how awful it would have been if we were both ill at the same time. The two-hour transfer to Krabi was better than expected, but once we were on the plane I had to make several mad dashes to the airplane lavatory. So much fun! Our Airbnb hostess was an absolute wonder and picked us up directly at the Chiang Mai airport. The townhouse we rented from her was in the Hai Ya district just south of the Old City, and about a 10-minute walk from the apartment where my parents stay. By the next morning, I was luckily feeling very close to well again, though I had yet to have much of an appetite. We dropped off our laundry around the corner from our home – 30 baht per kilo, so about $2.50 for our 3-kilo bag of dirty clothes. Next, we found a cute little coffee shop – the Cozy Coffee and Bakery – and I was able to order plain scrambled eggs and herbal tea. After that, we walked around Chiang Mai for a bit and got oriented, then made our way over to The Service 1921, a lovely restaurant right on the Mae Ping River and part of the Anantara Resort. The restaurant is themed around espionage, and even the menus were brought to us as secret dossiers we had to unwrap. Pretty charming! They brought us crispy rice cakes to start, and I had a nonalcoholic punch with fresh ginger and a very mild and delicious wonton soup.

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We walked home after lunch and by the time we reached the townhouse, Domingos was stricken with whatever I had had the day before. So we had a very quiet afternoon, as it was his turn to feel miserable and my turn to be caretaker. I went to pick up our laundry later that evening and saw this cute cat curled up on top of a food stall.

img_6425Cats and dogs are everywhere here in Chiang Mai, and none of them seem hostile or aggressive, to humans or each other. Though pretty much every restaurant would be in serious health code violation in the U.S.!

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