Thai Food and a Walk by the Han River

Saturday night, we were trying to coordinate dinner with selling our old iPhones, and since one of the buyers was coming from out of town and meeting us in Itaewon around 10pm, we decided it would be a good night to try a nearby Thai restaurant, Wang Thai.

When we arrived at 8:30, there were a number of people waiting for tables – always a good sign! The interior was nicely decorated with Thai art and sculpture.


We ordered spring rolls, pad see-ew, and a yellow curry, all of which were delicious.

IMG_0449 IMG_0451

After dinner, they brought us a free dessert of a coconut liquid with ice cubes in it – weird but tasty! We will definitely be returning. Then we headed out to get coffee before finally hearing from our iPhone buyer and meeting him at Itaewon subway station.

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day, so we headed down to walk along the Han River in the late afternoon. It was good to get out of the house for a bit. Here are a few pictures of the scenery:

IMG_0463 IMG_0469 IMG_0474

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