Long Walk Around the Neighborhood

Yesterday, we decided to have lunch at a Thai restaurant, Yummy Thai, that a friend recommended. It was right outside the Sookmyung Women’s University station, so we decided to walk there from our house. We headed up past Noksapyeong Station, followed the northern edge of South Post, then turned right up the western edge of Main Post. About 35 minutes later, we arrived at Yummy Thai, and it was definitely worth the walk! The food was delicious. I ordered pad see ew, my go-to dish when trying a new Thai restaurant, and it was served with fish sauce, palm sugar, crushed dried chili powder, and a vinegar with little red pepper slices floating in it so that I could season the dish exactly to my own liking. Continue reading “Long Walk Around the Neighborhood”

Change of Command

Last Wednesday, Domingos took over command of the Eighth Army Band, “Freedom’s Ambassadors.” The previous commander, CW3 Joseph Parenteau, is retiring after an illustrious career, and he has been a huge help to us in our move to Korea. We’re lucky that he’ll be in the area a while longer to help ease the transition and serve as a valuable resource. I am thrilled to have my husband back at a band making music, especially one that has such a vital mission. With the dissolution of the 2ID Band, the 8th Army Band is solely responsible for American military music for all of Korea. I’m guessing I need to take some more pictures of my husband so that I can remember what he looks like once this job starts rolling for him! I think there will be a lot of long days, nights, and weekends, but it’s absolutely worth it for this opportunity. Continue reading “Change of Command”


Saturday night, we took advantage of living 2 minutes walk from the gate out to Itaewon, and went in search of a Japanese ramen place we read about on another blog. We did finally stumble upon it (it’s called Menya Sandaime, but the name isn’t anywhere on it in English) and joined the small line outside. It’s tiny, so you usually have to wait for a table, but it was totally worth the wait! When we got inside, the waiter gave us a menu, then did a double-take, took it away, and brought back one in English for us. We ordered the first ramen on the menu, with pork, along with a serving of gyoza. Continue reading “Food!”

Out of the Hotel

We got our house last Thursday, October 8. I’ve got a few pictures for you, but I’ll hold off on more until we have our household goods (HHG) and we’re more settled in. It looks pretty barren at the moment. We met the people from the housing office here at 1:00, where they took us through the paperwork and showed us around. Although the individual rooms are small, there’s plenty of storage and I think we’ll be happy here. Like any home, there are good and bad things. Most of the bad things I already knew about, like the linoleum floors over concrete and the tiny bathrooms with very little counter space (and the tiniest little medicine cabinets I’ve ever seen!). The not-so-great surprises: the crappiest parking space imaginable, in a corner of the parking lot that is a pain in the ass to maneuver out of – can’t wait for snow and ice!; compact fluorescent bulbs in every room so each room is awash in stark white intense light; the shower in the master needing an extra-long shower curtain after I’d already bought and put up a regular sized (short) one; having to buy a microwave. Continue reading “Out of the Hotel”

Itaewon & Myeongdong

First, a few housekeeping items:

  1. My book blog will be pathetically small for October, just an early warning! I’ve only read one book and it’s already the 7th. Slacker!
  2. We’re moving into our new house tomorrow. I guess our loaner furniture was being moved in today already. Luckily, internet hook-up is taking place 2 hours after we get in our new home!
  3. Even though we won’t have our household goods until the 15th or later, I’m really excited to get out of the hotel and into our house. We’ve had almost nonstop hotel stays since August 6th and it will be nice to settle in somewhere and not feel so transient.

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Picking Up the Car

Yesterday was filled with a whole lot of waiting around. After breakfast, I headed over to the ACS building to take my USFK driver’s license test at 9:00. The test was fairly straightforward, though I kept looking for trick answers after my experience with the College for Financial Planning’s devious tests. I may have missed one or two questions, but overall it was fairly obvious. If you’re taking it, just make sure you read through the USFK pamphlet a few times, and take note of the differences between U.S. and Korean laws. A few key things: Continue reading “Picking Up the Car”

Traveling on the Patriot Express

View from the plane flying into Korea
View from the plane flying into Korea

We booked a hotel near the Seattle airport for Monday night. We were supposed to check in between 2:30 and 5:30am for the AMC (Air Mobility Command) flight, also known as the Patriot Express, so we decided to go at a slightly later time and deal with however long lines we had to. We got up at 3 and took the hotel shuttle to the airport at 4. By the time Domingos tracked down a cart, we basically walked through the very short line and were checked in immediately! I was definitely glad we had decided to go on the later side. We breezed through security (though I really missed TSA Precheck!), had some breakfast, and lounged around on quite comfortable chairs until the flight left.

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