Around Boston

Boston Public Garden

Boston is one of my favorite cities. There is so much to see and do there, and it’s a great city to just walk around in for hours. Between walking and public transportation, it’s very easy to get around without a car. When we visited last month, we walked a total of 34 miles in four days! Continue reading “Around Boston”

Day 1 – Delhi

I’m not counting our travel days, since those are just a matter of grim endurance. It’s enough to say we made all our connections, suffered no huge delays, and got almost zero sleep. Our plane landed at 11:15pm Delhi time, and by the time we made it through customs, it was close to 12:30. My father was a very welcome sight as we walked out of the airport! Continue reading “Day 1 – Delhi”

Sunday Morning Laziness

Amazingly, I slept nine hours last night.  I feel groggy with too much sleep, and I had very active dreams all night long, so I don’t feel as rested as I think I should feel.  Domingos and I are lazing around this morning, and I just created another delicious weekend breakfast (if I do say so myself).  I beat four eggs with a little cold water, added in a glob of this awesome smokey mozzarella garlic spread that my parents brought from the Williamsburg Pottery, threw in some chopped-up Canadian bacon and a couple tablespoons of shredded sharp cheddar, and scrambled the mixture.  Then I took 2 tortillas and put the scrambled eggs in them quesadilla-style, heated them up a few minutes on each side until toasty, and served.  Very yummy! Continue reading “Sunday Morning Laziness”