Bangkok Food Tour

A 30-hour layover in Bangkok on our way to Bhutan? Sounds like it’s time for another food tour! Unfortunately, this tour was one of the more lackluster ones that we’ve done. There was some good food, but no real feeling of immersion, no real cultural or sightseeing stops (we briefly paused to look at the exterior of one wat), and no single food that really blew us away. I’m still glad we did it, as it got us out of our hotel and into the city center for a couple of hours, but it can’t hold a candle to the food tours we’ve done in Rome, Seoul, and Chiang Mai. Continue reading “Bangkok Food Tour”

Chiang Mai Food Tour, Part One

On our last full day, we did a food and walking tour of Old City Chiang Mai with my parents. We met our guide Day at Wat Chiang Man, and a young Australian couple joined us on the tour; it was nice to have a small group of six total. Before getting to any food, we toured the Wat Chiang Man. It was built in 1297, and one of the temples had murals all around the inside depicting Buddha’s life both as Prince Siddhartha and then post-enlightenment. Day was a very thorough guide, explaining everything we were looking at and answering all of our questions. Continue reading “Chiang Mai Food Tour, Part One”


Saturday night, we took advantage of living 2 minutes walk from the gate out to Itaewon, and went in search of a Japanese ramen place we read about on another blog. We did finally stumble upon it (it’s called Menya Sandaime, but the name isn’t anywhere on it in English) and joined the small line outside. It’s tiny, so you usually have to wait for a table, but it was totally worth the wait! When we got inside, the waiter gave us a menu, then did a double-take, took it away, and brought back one in English for us. We ordered the first ramen on the menu, with pork, along with a serving of gyoza. Continue reading “Food!”

Rome Part Three

For our last day in Rome, I had purchased a food walking tour in the neighborhood of Testaccio as this year’s birthday presents for the whole group. We took a cab to the meeting place, a cafe in the center of the Testaccio area. Our guide, Sebastiana, was half Italian and half American, and was very friendly and knowledgeable. We started out with cappuccinos at the cafe as the small group (13 of us total) got to know each other and Sebastiana gave us an overview of the tour. There followed an orgy of food that will be impossible to do true justice to, but I’ll try. Continue reading “Rome Part Three”