Hilo Coffee Mill

I really wanted to tour a coffee farm while in Hawaii, and even though most of them are located on the Kona side of the island, I found a small farm in Mountain View, not far from our airbnb. Hilo Coffee Mill is just 24 acres, a small family farm owned and operated by 3 older women, none of whom had a background in farming before starting their operation. They’re a small-batch custom roaster with a focus on recycling, resource awareness, and sustainable practices. We signed up for a tour through their website (tours cost $20, but if you’re on the fence about it I will say that I thought it was worth every penny of that!), and saw that they also operate a small farmers’ market on Saturday mornings, which happened to be the morning we’d signed up for a tour. We decided to go early and get breakfast and coffee there before starting the tour. The market was very, very small – it’s still quite new – but they had several different stalls with goodies to try. We bought coffee drinks inside the farm’s store, and then Domingos and I tried some fabulous wontons a woman was frying up – her business is called Any Kine Wontons, and she offers a huge array of intriguing flavors (and I hate that this is the only photo I have of her! She was very lovely but I caught her in an awkward expression here). Continue reading “Hilo Coffee Mill”