I just completed my 23rd day on the elliptical!  I have to admit that not every single one of the 23 workouts was a focused, lengthy, energetic session, but at least I got on there every single day like I promised myself I would.  When I get back from India, my next step will be adding resistance training back into my routine.  I’d like to be doing the elliptical 6 days a week and resistance training 4 days a week, with slightly shorter elliptical sessions on the resistance days.  Maybe I can use the fact that I’m turning 40 next year to give me some motivation.

Today, I have two students in the afternoon and a bunch of little pre-trip things to do.  I have 130 pages left in my library book, so I need to finish that up and return all my books to the library this afternoon.  I was able to finish all but two of my holds, and I’ll just put them on hold again after I return.  We packed on Monday, so that’s done, except for last-minute things like the iPads, phones, and wallet stuff.

We’ve been doing this jetlag plan that involves feast days alternating with famine days.  Today is a feast day, and neither one of us could finish breakfast, we were so stuffed.  Also, no caffeine in the mornings.  We can have a little bit at 4pm if we want, but we haven’t been doing that.

I will do my best to update here while we’re traveling, but it will depend on my internet connection at the time.  Stay tuned!

I’m excited about some work that has come in for January, so I’m in a happy head space with that.  I’ll have to get right to practicing the day we get back, since I’ve got gigs up in DC that first weekend back, and then gigs down south the following weekend.  December-January-February are looking like a very full stretch for me, which is great.  November has been completely dead, so I was starting to feel a little down about work.  I’m also really looking forward to our Massachusetts trip – we haven’t seen my mother-in-law since last Thanksgiving, so we’re overdue for a visit.  We’re staying one night at the hotel at Gillette Stadium – the Pats are playing out of town, but we have a room with a view of the field, we’ll visit the Pats Hall of Fame, and watch the game in the bar there.

We just finished watching  The Dresden Files last night, and I’m really disappointed that there wasn’t more than one season made.  The show had a lot of potential and we really enjoyed it.  They always cancel the good ones!

All right, enough rambling.  My 130 pages are calling to me!

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