Southeast Coast

One afternoon, we took a drive along the southeast coast on 137, starting at Isaac Hale Park and ending at Kaimu Beach Park, where the newest lava fields start. There was an ice cream truck in the parking lot at Isaac Hale, and Domingos and I had a nice chat with the man running it, who happened to be from Weymouth (we were wearing Pats and Celtics shirts).

The drive itself was beautiful. The first place we stopped was the MacKenzie State Recreation Area. There was hardly anyone there, and the coast views from the cliffs were stunning.

We didn’t pull over again until the end of the road at Kaimu Beach Park. There was a cafe and a couple of other stores as well as a large parking lot. We saw a sign for a short walk to a black sand beach, so set off in that direction. The trail snaked through a somewhat barren lava field, but you can see signs of life. Apparently, this land was ocean just 30 years ago; it has all been formed by lava flows.

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