Sona Dessert Cafe

On our last day in Seoul, Domingos and I finally made it to Sona, a dessert cafe I had been longing to check out. It’s near Sinsa station in Gangnam, and it is a terrific option for a date night (or afternoon in our case!).

The cafe was almost empty when we arrived. They keep their menu on an iPad, which is cool except when you picture the cafe filled with customers and a solitary iPad menu making the rounds. A couple of items were sold out, including the champagne sugar ball with edible flowers I was eager to try. We happily settled for the Oh! Chocolate and the Crème Brûlée, as well as two iced lattes. Even the lattes were works of art, served on pretty coasters.

First up: the Oh! Chocolate. New York Breakfast Tea infused brûlée, 70% Guanaja flourless chocolate cake, milk chocolate mousse, Valrhona pearl crunch chocolate, and Madagascar vanilla ice-cream. It is served with a small pitcher of hot chocolate sauce which you pour over the chocolate lid, melting it into the rest of the dessert.

Next, the server brought out our crème brûlée. WOW. Definitely the best I’ve ever had.

Madagascar vanilla bean infused crème brûlée, frozen yogurt, seasonal fruits, milk cloud tulle, and edible flowers. You’d think there were too many flavors going on, but everything melded perfectly into an amazing taste.

My husband thought we should just order one dessert, silly man! Luckily I convinced him we should order two. The results speak for themselves:

A lovely, happy, delicious last outing in Seoul!

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