Some Gratuitous Food Pictures

My parents arrived on December 23rd, and we’ve had a few good meals so far. First up, a blowout Christmas Eve dinner back at Wang Thai in Itaewon. We ordered 2 different set menus and got satay (chicken, beef, and pork), soup, and about 8 different entrees to sample. Oh, and bananas in coconut milk for dessert along with a choice of drink – I had Thai iced tea.

IMG_0554 IMG_0555 IMG_0557 IMG_0562 IMG_0567

On Christmas, I cooked a honey-butter pork tenderloin in the slow cooker, with sides of crash potatoes and collard greens, but I forgot to take any pictures! It all turned out delicious.

On the 26th, we had spring rolls and pho at I’Park Mall before going to Star Wars.
IMG_0582 IMG_0583

And today, we went to Gogung in Insadong and had the best dolsot bibimbap I’ve had here so far.

IMG_0639 IMG_0640

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