Some Favorite Itaewon Restaurants

I have a feeling that I will be blogging less than usual between now and March, when I’m taking the 7-hour Certified Financial Planner exam here in Seoul at a testing center. I have 9 hours of review class each week in addition to a good amount of individual studying, and I’m also getting my private teaching studio (violin and viola) off the ground with two days of teaching every week. Now that I’m writing for the awesome Korea Ye website, I’m hoping that will keep me headed out to find new places to explore on a fairly regular basis, so I don’t plan to abandon my blog altogether!

Speaking of Korea Ye, here are the three posts I’ve written so far for them:

I should have some more coming out later this month featuring some of the places you’ve already seen here on my blog. In the meantime, here are more food pictures to tempt you with.

Petra Jordanian restaurant in Itaewon:

IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0694

Taj Palace Indian restaurant in Itaewon:

IMG_0708 IMG_0711

Club Zion Ethiopian restaurant in Itaewon (this is actually a bar that serves awesome food on the weekends only):


Last but not least, an excursion Domingos and I took a week ago. This is a coffee shop devoted to Sherlock Holmes, specifically BBC series. The shows play on a strange mirror screen in the shop nonstop, and everything is Sherlock Holmes- oriented. It was hard to get to, but a fun place with good coffee!

221B in Gangnam:



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