So! Much! Pink!


Earlier this week, my friend Nopa and I visited the Hello Kitty cafe in Hongdae. I’ve never been a huge Hello Kitty fan, but it was still one of those places I wanted to see while in Seoul, and it did not disappoint! We were there on a Tuesday afternoon, and it was pretty crowded – I can’t even imagine the scene there on a weekend. They must be pulling in profits hand over fist.

The cafe is set back from the street, with a welcoming gate leading to a winding set of stairs up to the cafe entrance.



When you arrive, you give the number in your party to the girl at the front desk, and then she seats you when there is an available table. We were seated fairly quickly on the first floor, given a menu, and told to go to the counter to order. The room was filled with HK memorabilia and pictures, and some of the chairs had the iconic hair bow on them.



I had to get a latte, because I knew they put the HK face on the top, and then I also tried a slice of Oreo cake that was surprisingly good and not overly sweet. Nopa had a salad that looked delicious and a really cute frozen yogurt (with a keepsake mug).

IMG_2879 IMG_2881 IMG_2883

After we ate and drank, we indulged in a cheesy photo op holding a giant HK doll:


Then we explored the second floor and gift shop, a lot more of the same – pink, Hello Kitty everywhere, overwhelming cuteness. Hello Kitty also had a bedroom upstairs, but it was crammed with people so we decided to skip over that room.

IMG_2889 IMG_2891

All in all, it’s a fun visit even if you’re not that into Hello Kitty.

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