Snow Day in Seoul

Last Friday, we had a lovely snowfall here in Seoul. I decided to forgo a hot-chocolate-and-pajamas day in favor of getting a few shots of snow at a couple of palaces. In the morning, I headed out to Gyeongbokgung (along with what seemed like thousands of other Seoulites) and captured a few nice shots before my phone decided to die on me at 75%. I have to take my phone in to a service center, as it’s actually eligible for a free battery replacement because it’s part of a small batch of faulty phones. But I definitely never expected it to quit on me that quickly! I’m sure the freezing temperatures accelerated the issue. I am definitely getting it fixed before the Bhutan trip as well as always carrying an external battery with me from now on. But anyway, snow photos!


img_7292 img_7294

After a mad rush to the Anguk Daiso to buy a charging cable, then some time hanging out at a coffee shop to charge my phone, I met a friend for lunch at my favorite pork katsu restaurant (Ginza Bairin) – which happened to be back by Gyeongbokgung. It was  good day for walking – I got in over 8 miles total!

After lunch, we went to Changdeokgung and took some more pretty photos even though some of the snow had melted at that point.

img_7304 img_7307 img_7312 img_7319 img_7325

Domingos and I checked out a new restaurant in Itaewon for dinner, Richmond Dim Sum. It was very tasty. We had xiao long bao, spring rolls, and a honey garlic pork entree.

img_7329 img_7333 img_7332

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  1. Anjali…I so enjoyed this post seeing many of the placed visited on my trip to Seoul and many of your past posts. My daughter, Kelly Land, introduced me to your blog.

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