Seryna Shinjuku Shabu Shabu Meal

Here it is, my final post from Tokyo! For our last night, I had booked us in at a restaurant with great reviews, Seryna Shinjuku, that was a short walk from our hotel. We  found the building that the restaurant was located in and eventually figured out where the elevator was – the restaurant is situated on the 52nd floor of the Sumitomo building. When we arrived, we were greeted and shown to a reserved table right by a window, with fabulous night views of the city.


Our waitress didn’t speak much English, but she was friendly and helpful and we managed to order a set menu with appetizers, Kobe beef shabu shabu, and dessert, as well as a carafe of sake, which came in this lovely glass teapot:


Here is the rest of the meal, descriptions in the captions:

Abalone with some sort of delicious sauce
Sashimi – tuna and something else I didn’t understand. They both tasted so fresh!
An array of appetizers – from left to right, something saucy in a cool shell, some sort of cooked fish that I don’t remember the name of, a ball of minced shrimp with a chili sauce, and crab salad. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but each one of these was exquisite.
Our shabu shabu pot
Three dipping sauces for the meat and vegetables
Kobe beef – we were handed a card at the end of the meal stating the identification number of our beef! It took seconds to cook in the boiling broth and was so tender that it pretty much melted in my mouth.
Noodles our waitress cooked for us after we finished the beef and vegetables.
Dessert – a milky pudding and a very fresh slice of pear. The cherry looked like a maraschino, but it was a normal red cherry and very good.

Seryna Shinjuku is definitely a splurge, but if you want a lavish, romantic meal in Tokyo, I highly recommend it. Just be warned, I read in some reviews that if you order shrimp or lobster they bring it to the table live before cooking it for you.

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