Seen Around Seoul

This is a hodgepodge entry of photos from around Seoul in the past month. One of the things I love about this city is the sculptures and art on practically every street.

Seen walking from Jogyesa Temple to the Museum of Contemporary Korean History

Pig checking out the street between Itaewon and Hangangjin stations
Another statue between Itaewon and Hangangjin stations
Buam-dong street art
Great bar/restaurant name near Sinsa station
Need a stylish suit of armor? Near Sinsa station.
Awesome building across from Sinsa station
… and the building right next to it

My friend Cheryl introduced me to the Gyeongui Line Forest Trail that stretches along an old railway line for miles. We walked part of it from Gongdeok station to Sogang University station, and it was filled with beautiful flowers, trees, and quirky statues. I feel so lucky to have made such an instant great friend in my last few weeks in Seoul, and I look forward to more adventures together in the future!

Our last two weeks in Seoul, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the skyline and N Seoul Tower.

Last but not least, I’ve written about our favorite bar Blacklist multiple times, but check out this great shot of Chris making a Rusty Nail, a new favorite of mine.

We went to Blacklist our next-to-last night in Seoul with some good friends, and not to brag, but I had not one, but two Rusty Nails, two Gin & Tonics, and some sort of amazing fruit spritzer thing that I don’t really remember at the end of the night. It was the perfect send-off, and we had a fabulous time. I have some really funny pictures I’m not going to share. Sorry not sorry.

Rusty Nail
Cheese and fruit platter served on a chilled block of Himalayan salt! Amazing!

I am so grateful for our time in Korea and the many, many wonderful people we became friends with. I will really miss them all so much.

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