Scenic Hilo

In addition to the Liliuokalani Gardens, there are several more spots around Hilo worth visiting. The Wailuku River (awesome translation: wai means fresh water and luku means destruction, so this is the River of Destruction) is 28 miles long and runs from the eastern slope of Mauna Kea into the Hilo Bay. One section of the river, the Boiling Pots, is a series of small falls and pools. Despite the many warnings, we saw several people swimming and playing in the area, some with very small children.

My cousin Andrew and his wife Angela live very near the Boiling Pots, so we headed over to check it out on the day we spent with them.

Next, we headed a short distance down the road to another section of the Wailuku, Rainbow Falls. This was a lovely waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation.

On another day, we headed to Richardson Ocean Park in south Hilo. Apparently this is a good place for snorkeling, so we will definitely do that next time we visit the big island. Richardson’s beach is formed of black sand, but it also has a mix of green sand if you look closely. The green sand is made from olivine crystals.

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