Salem, Massachusetts

We took a day trip to Salem, MA specifically to visit Deacon Giles Distillery and try their small-batch spirits. Since I had never been to Salem before, I was hoping to poke around the town a bit, but it was a dreary, rainy day. We went straight to the distillery to do a tour of their small production and then a tasting. They offer tours on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm.

The tour was fairly brief but informative about the process of making liquor. Deacon Giles makes gin, vodka, white rum, spiced rum, and amber rum.

The company is a small operation. You walk in to the Speakeasy Lab bar, where they offer cocktails Thursday-Sunday, and the liquor-making operation and machines are in a large room connected to the bar. Thus, the tour is easy and short and then you can get to the fun of tasting the various liquors back at the bar.

We would have had a cocktail as well, but we needed to eat lunch and one of us had to drive! We bought a bottle of the gin and the white rum (aside: the Original Gin + Fevertree elderflower tonic made the best G & T I’ve ever had) and then went on in search of lunch.

We ended up at Kokeshi, a Japanese restaurant with lots of charm and a delicious Bacon & Egg Ramen which we both ordered.

Since I didn’t get to browse around Salem the way I hoped due to the weather and lack of time, it’s definitely on my list for a return visit, preferably with a couple of days to explore and go to some of the witch museums.


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