Requisite End-of-year Post

So, I fully intend to no longer neglect my blog come 2013, which happens to be… tomorrow!

My husband and I are drinking sparkling wine, eating brie, listening to old jazz standards through our Apple TV, and sitting at the table with the following in the vicinity: my laptop, both of our iPhones, and my iPad.  His iPad is in the bedroom charging.  We both just tweeted, I statused (my new word for 2013, can’t believe it’s not a verb yet), and the dinner prep is all complete.  Bizarrely, my husband never learned to peel potatoes in his entire life.  I took over for him after realizing that I am not a good peeling teacher.  At all.  I must have learned at too young of an age to remember how to explain the mechanics of it.

Dinner:  filet mignon, pimento cheese scalloped potatoes, green beans with crumbled bacon.  The potato recipe is fantastic, leave me a note if you want a copy of it and I’ll post it tomorrow.  I wish I could remember where I found it.

For some reason, I had leeks on my grocery list this week, and now that I’ve bought them, I can’t figure out what recipe I was going to use them in.  I’ve been through every recipe in my Paprika app, and I can’t find a single one that uses leeks.  So strange.  Does anyone have a favorite recipe using leeks?

We had a lovely little trip up to Massachusetts, somehow managing to skip all the bad weather except a lovely small dusting of snow Christmas morning.  We started out with a night in Delaware at with Domingos’s aunt and uncle.  It was great to see them both again after far too many years between visits.  We had a great dinner and talked for hours, catching up.  Next up was West Point, where we got to visit with several friends and go out for a fantastic dinner.  We spent the next day, the 23rd, at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, visiting the Patriots Hall of Fame and watching the Pats game (they were in Jacksonville) in the CBS Scene sports bar next to the stadium.  Here are some pictures from Patriots Place:

Domingos in front of the stadium
Domingos in front of the stadium


Me posing with a Richard Seymour cut-out, trying on a Super Bowl ring
Me posing with a Richard Seymour cut-out, trying on a Super Bowl ring


The Patriots' 3 Lombardi trophies
The Patriots’ 3 Lombardi trophies


Finally, we got to our hotel in Braintree, where we stayed for the next 3 nights.  We took Domingos’s mom and aunt out to dinner on Christmas Eve to Legal Seafood, always tasty, and we had a really nice Christmas at the house the next day.

We got home on Friday, and we’ve been fairly lazy ever since, aside from a few must-dos like the grocery and a haircut for Domingos.  There’s a new pho place, quite delicious, next to Trader Joe’s, which is a very welcome addition to Hilltop.  I started practicing again Saturday and have been having solid sessions every day since.  We also both started working out again Saturday, and it feels great to be back on track.  On Saturday afternoon, we completed a thorough inventory of all of our (hanging) artwork, which was something I’d been wanting to get done for ages.  Yesterday, we watched 10-1/2 hours of football, which in retrospect may have been a bit excessive.  But it was fun!  And it’s not like we didn’t get our workouts and practicing in first.

There, now I’m all caught up and can go drink more.  Happy New Year, everyone!  I do plan to resurrect Flashback Fridays this week, and I’m still undecided about Music Mondays.  Be safe and happy!



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