In the 132 days since I last saw my husband, I have made uneven progress with the many projects I lined up for myself.

One big one has been the goal of becoming a paperless household, which is almost completed. I scanned years of old tax records and supporting documents (the IRS accepts digital receipts and records in lieu of paper ones), everything in my business and financial files, and now I’m about halfway through personal papers. Everything is neatly organized in folders on my hard drive and backed up in two locations. I also have downloaded or scanned all owners’ manuals for everything we have and put them in one folder for easy access. I plan to send old letters back to their writers so that they can have a piece of their history back, theirs to do with as they wish. All told, I should be down to about one small box worth of papers that I can’t get rid of – diplomas, certified copies of certain things, etc. I do still need to scan all of Domingos’s files, as well, but I’m still not sure that will happen, at least not until he’s back.

Another project that is completely finished: reformatting and entering old journals on the computer. I had most of my old journals on the computer already, but all the entries I had downloaded from the diary site I was on for years were cluttered with HTML code and an absolute mess. Those have all been tidied up and it was absolutely fascinating reading back through them all. My life has changed so much. I haven’t kept a regular diary in about 5 years, coincidentally lining up with my marriage. The truth is I tend/tended to write the most when I was emotionally unhappy, and I’m not unhappy anymore, so that’s that. But I do miss the regular discipline of writing, and just can’t seem to recapture it on this blog.

Purging unwanted/unneeded things is going pretty well. I’m taking a whole mess of old clothes to my family reunion at the end of the summer for our clothing giveaway. I’ve sold a few things and given a lot away. I haven’t managed to complete the detailed household inventory that I planned to do, but I have a good list of all of our furniture, smaller household items, and electronics that will do for that.

I’ve been struggling to get into my latest class, Income Tax Planning, but I’m gathering steam now and hope to finish and then test out in August. I’m much more excited about my next class, Retirement Planning, but I can’t get there until I finish this one. I have learned quite a lot about rental property, which has helped me figure some things out about our own rental property, so that’s good.

I find I’ve had a tendency to have bursts of activity followed by stretches of slothfulness. It’s always harder on the days I have nothing scheduled.

But now, with 2 months and a bit to go, I’m suddenly running out of time to finish all the things I’d planned to do. I only have 13 days before my trip with my mom (another post soon about that, I promise), and then I’m just home for 6 days after that before I head out to Indiana for all of August (plus a road trip the first week to Santa Fe with a friend). And then, hopefully, just a week or 10 days at home before my husband finally comes home.

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