Playing Catch-up

A couple of weeks ago, Domingos and I decided to visit the Assateauge Island National Seashore on a beautiful Sunday.  We went to the Chincoteague side of the island, since that’s a good hour less travel time.  It was beautiful there, though we forgot to take bug spray and were swarmed on the short walk we took through a forested section.

We saw some wild ponies from the road, and that made me remember the annual Chincoteauge pony swim every July.  It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to see, and if we don’t do it now, while we’re in the Virginia Beach area, it will probably never happen.  So when I got home I did some research, and determined that it’s worth paying the extra $$ to be on a charter boat during the swim, rather than in the throngs of people on shore.  We decided to do an up-and-back on the day of the swim (even if it means getting up at 4am), because all the hotels in the area have a 5-night minimum during pony week!  We are now booked on a charter for next July’s swim, and I’m really excited about it.

Here’s a photo from the walk we took:

It’s a beautiful area, and just a 2-hour drive, so we definitely plan to go back a few more times.

Last weekend, we decided to take a quick trip to Atlanta.  We hadn’t been back since we moved in 2010, Domingos had a 4-day weekend, and I found a great package deal on flight/hotel/rental car on Priceline. We were there less than 48 hours, and mostly ate and shopped, but it was a good chance to recharge our batteries and spend some quality time together.  The rest of the month is pretty busy.

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