Part 3 of 3 – Saturday Tour

Our last stop of the tour was the Semiwon Lotus Festival. By this point in the day, the sun was out in force, and it had gotten very hot. It was interesting to see the lotuses (I looked it up; both “lotuses” and “loti” are acceptable plurals of “lotus”) in various states of bloom, and although the opera music piped in over loudspeakers was a little disconcerting, we were surrounded by beauty and enjoyed taking way too many photographs of everything we saw. As usual, I’m having trouble narrowing down my photos, so see below for a photo gallery from the festival.

There was heavy traffic again on the drive home, and Scott very kindly took each of us back to our home areas instead of back to Myeongdong. I got a few great photos out the car window on the way back.

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