Parental Visit

My parents just left this morning after a great visit that flew by.  They came in on Wednesday afternoon, went to the library with me, got to suffer through a lesson I had to teach to someone who hadn’t practiced (students, it’s just as bad or worse for me as it is for you when you don’t practice!), and then we had a nice meal of Pakistani beef curry with a side dish of cauliflower that my mom talked me through the making of.  Thursday, the three of us ran my errands together, which consisted of dropping my bow off in Chesapeake for a rehair and going to the Apple store to get a new battery for my laptop.  I was amazed to discover that the battery and labor were free, covered under warranty (my laptop is 34 months old).  Yay, Apple!  I think we just lazed around the rest of the afternoon.  Friday, we met a friend for lunch – a musician colleague of mine who knew my dad from his orchestra-teaching days in the late 1980s/early 1990s.  Friday night, we went to Lynnhaven Fishhouse because we were all craving their awesome hush puppies.  I had a lobster-crab cake with champagne cream sauce that was absolutely amazing.

Saturday was a really fun day.  We decided to drive down to the Outer Banks and visit the Wright Brothers Memorial, after a delicious breakfast at Citrus to start the day.  We listened to a great talk by a ranger about the Wright Brothers, walked the pathway of their first four historic flights, then drove to Manteo to picnic and visit the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.  Sometime, we’d like to go back in the summer and watch the symphonic play The Lost Colony, as it looks interesting.

Markers of the first 3 flights made by the Wright Brothers
Domingos and I at the marker commemorating the takeoff site
My parents standing at the marker of the 4th flight
Me squishing the monument on the hill that we didn’t go visit

I also, for the low low price of $9, bought this awesome little book: Passport to Your National Parks, which lists all of the National Battlefields, Historical Parks, Historical Sites, Monuments, Memorials, Parks, etc. by region.  You can get cancellations at almost all of the sites, and I suddenly have a new purpose in life.  I am crushed that I didn’t have this in Atlanta, as I we’ll really have to make an effort to cover that region in the future.  And of course, being the OCD creature that I am, we had to stop in again at the Wright Brothers Monument so that I could collect that cancellation.  But we discovered at the gate that we could get a one-year national parks pass free for Domingos being active duty, so that was great.

We ended up back at the condo, fairly exhausted and stuffed with frozen custard, so we just had cereal and leftovers for dinner and watched some other movie I can’t remember.  I think Mom didn’t make all the way through any movies the entire visit.  😉

Sunday, we went to an Indian grocery store to get more tea leaves for my dad, then we went to Sears to pick out an elliptical.  I’ve decided I need to start doing no-impact aerobic exercise, as both my grandmother and mother had/have back issues with compression in the spine.  I decided that even though I don’t feel pain now, lots of jumping and high-impact exercise is probably not the best idea for me long-term, so I’m being proactive.  We got a great deal on a floor model, and it’s going to be delivered tomorrow.  I can’t wait!  I know that the most weight I’ve ever lost was when I was doing the elliptical 6 days a week.

Mom and Dad came with us to the sports bar for part of the game Sunday, but I do not want to talk about football right now.  Let’s just leave it at there’s a lot of room for improvement on my team, which let me down thoroughly on Sunday afternoon.  But the defense looked great!

Yesterday, Dad decided to go observe some orchestra classes, so Mom and I had fun shopping, even though I was the one who kept finding things to buy.  But I found the perfect pants for the long plane flights to and from India, so I’m very happy about that.

And now it’s Tuesday, and they’re gone already.  It was a wonderful visit; we always have so much fun with them.  Domingos and I don’t have kids, nor do we want them, but if I could have what my parents have – excellent relationships with my two grown children – that’s something I would want.  I just don’t want everything that comes before that!  Time to adopt some nice 20-somethings!

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