Pahoa Airbnb

The airbnb that I booked for us turned out to be absolutely perfect. It was located on Leilani Estates in the Puna district near the town of Pahoa. The hosts Robert & Konrad were very helpful and friendly, and checked in on us several times to make sure we had everything we needed. The house was stocked with every amenity you could think of – fresh eggs, bread, half & half, and chocolates waiting for us in the fridge; lots of fresh fruit in a bowl on the table with an open invitation to pick anything we’d like from the garden and fruit trees on the property; a juicer for fresh-squeezed orange juice; a blender for smoothies; a Keurig machine with a huge supply of K cups, as well as a drip coffee maker and French press; a fancy telescope to use out on the deck; an abundance of clean, white linens as well as beach towels for our use; snorkel equipment and headlamps; a high-efficiency washer & dryer; earplugs in case the frogs were too loud at night; and probably a bunch of other things I’ve already forgotten or didn’t use. The home had an upscale Ikea look – modern, white, and crisp – and suited our needs perfectly. I would like to move in full-time immediately (I’m writing this back in Maryland, where it’s a balmy 15° F).

Here are far too many photos of the view from the deck throughout our stay:

And the supermoon from our last night:

I was going to do a photo album of some close-ups around the grounds, but the wifi on my computer is broken and I’m posting from my iPad, so I don’t have full access to all my blog tools. Instead of using my photo album add-on, here are the rest of the photos from the gardens.

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