Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 9

18 October 2000

I can’t begin to tell you how infuriating it is to be pushed beyond your physical limits.  Most people think they’re giving an exercise their all, but they’re really at a 7 or 8 level.  I’m talking about being pushed so far that you can’t help crying.  It feels horrible.  A drill sergeant from another platoon just smoked us, and it was agonizing.  It’s so frustrating when they yell at you to get off the ground and your body just refuses to respond. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 9”

Sunday Morning Laziness

Amazingly, I slept nine hours last night.  I feel groggy with too much sleep, and I had very active dreams all night long, so I don’t feel as rested as I think I should feel.  Domingos and I are lazing around this morning, and I just created another delicious weekend breakfast (if I do say so myself).  I beat four eggs with a little cold water, added in a glob of this awesome smokey mozzarella garlic spread that my parents brought from the Williamsburg Pottery, threw in some chopped-up Canadian bacon and a couple tablespoons of shredded sharp cheddar, and scrambled the mixture.  Then I took 2 tortillas and put the scrambled eggs in them quesadilla-style, heated them up a few minutes on each side until toasty, and served.  Very yummy! Continue reading “Sunday Morning Laziness”

Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 8

15 October 2000
1515 hrs

I’m doing okay today.  It really could be worse here.  I’m glad I’ve been able to write fairly often, because it’s all a blur to me, and I can hardly remember anything we’ve done the day before.

I went to church this morning, and choir practice before that.  Church was a nice break.  I felt good by the end of the service, though I was trying not to cry in the middle.  No particular reason, I just felt so far from home, set down in an alien world.  I’m nervous about Victory Tower tomorrow.  We got issued all of our gear today: Kevlar (helmet), rucksack, poncho, etc.  Everything’s old and filthy.  We’re supposed to get everything squared away on our LCE, and no one is really sure how to do it. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 8”

Parental Visit

My parents just left this morning after a great visit that flew by.  They came in on Wednesday afternoon, went to the library with me, got to suffer through a lesson I had to teach to someone who hadn’t practiced (students, it’s just as bad or worse for me as it is for you when you don’t practice!), and then we had a nice meal of Pakistani beef curry with a side dish of cauliflower that my mom talked me through the making of.  Thursday, the three of us ran my errands together, which consisted of dropping my bow off in Chesapeake for a rehair and going to the Apple store to get a new battery for my laptop.  I was amazed to discover that the battery and labor were free, covered under warranty (my laptop is 34 months old).  Yay, Apple!  I think we just lazed around the rest of the afternoon.  Friday, we met a friend for lunch – a musician colleague of mine who knew my dad from his orchestra-teaching days in the late 1980s/early 1990s.  Friday night, we went to Lynnhaven Fishhouse because we were all craving their awesome hush puppies.  I had a lobster-crab cake with champagne cream sauce that was absolutely amazing. Continue reading “Parental Visit”

Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 7

13 October 2000
1050 hrs

It’s N***’s birthday today, the poor thing.  I’ll probably be crying on mine.  This sucks.  You can’t even scratch your face without getting into trouble for it.  Self-discipline.  I will be highly disciplined.  Or insane.  But I can do this.  Our first PT test is tomorrow.  I’m not looking forward to running 2 miles.  I’m in a class on environmentalism right now, and it is so boring.  Did I mention that squad leaders eat last?  So we have the least time to eat.  *sigh*  There’s a male in our platoon who’s from Landover who says he’s seen me shopping at our Safeway!  How weird!  My squad’s not too bad.  There are a few who already think I’m a bitch and one who seems to have a slight crush on me. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 7”


It is 6:19am as I sit down to write this morning.  I woke up at 5:30, an improvement over yesterday’s 5:00.  Sleep has been a tricky thing for me for my entire life.  I began having sleeping problems in second grade, when my family moved back to the states from India.  Perhaps I just have decades-long jet-lag.  But I suspect another culprit – I’m a worrier.  I don’t remember worrying at all in India; I have a halcyon view of my life there.  But somewhere along the way, I turned into a planner and worrier.  And those qualities are not conducive to good sleep.   Continue reading “Sleep”


I reorganize my closets for fun and relaxation.  Few things make me feel better than cleaning out a junk drawer or streamlining an area of my home.  Last weekend, I reworked my clothes closet.  I used to have different categories on different-colored hangers (i.e., all of my casual short-sleeved shirts on white hangers, dressy short-sleeved shirts on blue hangers, sleeveless, long-sleeved casual, long-sleeved dressy, etc.).  Within each category, everything was in color order (blacks, whites, grays, reds & pinks, oranges, yellows, etc.).  I actually didn’t change that much, but I did decide to put all short-sleeved shirts together, and also all long-sleeved shirts together, still within color order.  So my categories are now:  sleeveless, short-sleeved, sports team shirts, concert black, long-sleeved, cardigans, jackets.  I had been running out of certain colored hangers, so this move helped with that.  Isn’t my life fascinating? Continue reading “Closets”