Day 3 – Mussoorie

Tuesday morning, I took a shower with some large eight-legged friends, but I talked them into staying on their side of the shower and I stayed on mine, which worked out just fine. I’ve picked up a cold, which kind of sucks, but I’m just ignoring it in hopes it will go away sooner rather than later. Around 8:30, Dad, Domingos, and I took the path straight up the mountain to Sisters Bazaar, where we were rewarded for the steep climb with amazing views. Continue reading “Day 3 – Mussoorie”

Day 2 – Delhi to Mussoorie

I definitely think using the jetlag plan was a good idea, and we’ll use the principles of it on future trips. We both slept well last night, and woke with the alarm at 5:15. Unfortunately, the hot water did not wake up with us. That was a bracing start to the day! It was surreal to check the Pats score at 5:20am here and see that they had 12 minutes left to play in the game. Continue reading “Day 2 – Delhi to Mussoorie”

Day 1 – Delhi

I’m not counting our travel days, since those are just a matter of grim endurance. It’s enough to say we made all our connections, suffered no huge delays, and got almost zero sleep. Our plane landed at 11:15pm Delhi time, and by the time we made it through customs, it was close to 12:30. My father was a very welcome sight as we walked out of the airport! Continue reading “Day 1 – Delhi”


I just completed my 23rd day on the elliptical!  I have to admit that not every single one of the 23 workouts was a focused, lengthy, energetic session, but at least I got on there every single day like I promised myself I would.  When I get back from India, my next step will be adding resistance training back into my routine.  I’d like to be doing the elliptical 6 days a week and resistance training 4 days a week, with slightly shorter elliptical sessions on the resistance days.  Maybe I can use the fact that I’m turning 40 next year to give me some motivation. Continue reading “Success”

Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 15

24 November 2000

Well, Thanksgiving wasn’t too bad.  The DFAC was completely decorated with big cutouts of turkeys, pilgrims, and the like.  We even had paper tablecloths and placemats!  We were allowed to drink soda and eat dessert, and the CPT, FSG, and LTC served us our food!  After lunch, we were marched to the large classroom.  The FSG put in a video on the soldier’s code of conduct.  Everyone started groaning, but it was just a joke.  He put in some Van Halen videos; probably 90% of the room had no clue who they were!  Then the FSG put in Courage Under Fire, which was really good.  After dinner (more of the same as lunch), we watched Big Momma’s House and Braveheart.  I can’t believe we watched so many movies!  We were up very late.  The classroom was freezing cold, but it was fun anyway. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 15”

Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 14

19 November 2000
0800 hrs

It’s a rainy cold Sunday here.  DS L*** is on duty, so he’s going to give us a little class later on grenades.  I’m writing in the classroom right now.  It’s cold in here.  I saw a video yesterday on BCT, and it showed part of the Confidence Course.  I’m dreading it, but it’s one of the last roadblocks on the way to graduation.  26 more days.  Must make it. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 14”