I reorganize my closets for fun and relaxation.  Few things make me feel better than cleaning out a junk drawer or streamlining an area of my home.  Last weekend, I reworked my clothes closet.  I used to have different categories on different-colored hangers (i.e., all of my casual short-sleeved shirts on white hangers, dressy short-sleeved shirts on blue hangers, sleeveless, long-sleeved casual, long-sleeved dressy, etc.).  Within each category, everything was in color order (blacks, whites, grays, reds & pinks, oranges, yellows, etc.).  I actually didn’t change that much, but I did decide to put all short-sleeved shirts together, and also all long-sleeved shirts together, still within color order.  So my categories are now:  sleeveless, short-sleeved, sports team shirts, concert black, long-sleeved, cardigans, jackets.  I had been running out of certain colored hangers, so this move helped with that.  Isn’t my life fascinating? Continue reading “Closets”


I have loved making lists my whole life.  Back in the good old days, before everything was digitized, I would rewrite an entire list rather than use a different colored ink on the same list.  I have been known to add items to a to-do list that I’ve already completed, just so I can have more items to cross off. Continue reading “Listopia”

Weekend Mornings

I like to go to a little more effort for breakfast on the weekends.  Sometimes we’ll make french press coffee instead of using our Keurig brewer.  I’ll make an oven omelet, or my version of a tortilla espanola, which usually ends up scrambled since I have trouble with the flipping.  Every once in a while I’ll move away from protein and make croissant french toast or pancakes, but in general, I’m a girl who likes my protein in the morning, be it eggs, breakfast meat, or both. Continue reading “Weekend Mornings”

The Preponderance of Social Media

All of the social media choices available leave me feeling exhausted lately.  Ten years ago, I had email and an account on Friendster (anyone remember that?) that I almost never used.  I think I had registered on, but most of their features were paid, and I definitely wasn’t interested in paying for anything.  I knew people on MySpace, but I couldn’t see the point to it for myself.  I did have an online diary at, though my diary was not “open” or linked to my real name.  However, that diary brought me several really wonderful friendships that went from online to in-person, and that still flourish today, years after I stopped writing there. Continue reading “The Preponderance of Social Media”


It looks like we’ll be able to add on an overnight in Amsterdam on our way back from India this December.  I’m beyond excited to spend a day there with Domingos.  We decided to get a hotel right by the airport to make things easier the next morning.  I know we’ll be totally jet-lagged and zonked out that day, but it will still be so much fun to wander around the city.  We’ve got a flight from Delhi to Paris, 1:45a to 6:10a, then Paris to Amsterdam, 7:55a to 9:10a.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to check in early at our Amsterdam hotel (for a €19.95 charge), get a shower, leave our luggage, and hit the city to explore.  It will probably be way too cold for a canal tour, but Amsterdam is a great city for just walking around.  Unfortunately, it looks like the Van Gogh museum is going to be closed for renovations.  Also, the only time we can tour the Concertgebouw is 9:30a, so that’s not going to happen, either. Continue reading “Amsterdam”

Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 3

30 September 2000
0900 hrs

My dizziness is really bad today.  I can’t go on sick call because there is no sick call on the weekends.  I’ll go Monday if it’s not better.  This is so hard.  I just have to go through.  There’s nothing else to do – I can’t quit or drop out.  I will get through this.  I may be miserable, but I’ll get through.  I really can’t walk straight.  It’s not good.  It’s noticeable to other girls in my platoon.  I know it’s because I’m so tired.  I’ve been up since 0300 hrs because of fireguard.  I wish I could just sleep for 12 hours straight. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 3”