Saturday Nostalgia

Okay, I know I didn’t write a Flashback Friday entry yesterday after all my talk about it.  I meant to, I really did, but my mind just went completely blank at the thought of writing about anything in my past.  So, to get inspiration, I’ve been reading through my journal from 2001, the first year I was in the Army.  I’m only up to May, actually, but it’s a wild ride.  I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten from twelve short years ago.  There are people I mention that I cannot recall existing no matter how much I strain my brain to remember, though most of those were friends and co-workers of my ex-husband.  There are events and parties and gigs and outings that come back very hazily upon reading, and others that are forever in the ether, out of reach of my conscious memories.  It’s kind of surreal. Continue reading “Saturday Nostalgia”

2012: Very Good Reads

Of 189 books read in 2012, here are my VGRs:

The Chaperone, by Laura Moriarty: A very enjoyable read about a woman in her mid-30s who travels to NYC with 15-year-old Louise Brooks, chaperoning her while she attends a dancing school.  The book was focused more on the chaperone’s story than on Louise Brooks, and it’s an excellent commentary on a time in U.S. history when there were so many cultural changes happening. Continue reading “2012: Very Good Reads”


Lame.  That is me.  I don’t feel like doing a Music Monday, or a Flashback Friday.  I feel uninspired and boring now that my fabulous India trip is over!  So there may not be too much here until January, when I vow to be renewed, re-energized, re-optimized, and ready to be sparkling and interesting.  Or at least to give it my best effort! Continue reading “Lame”

Day 12 – Jaipur to Delhi

We didn’t set off for Delhi until 9:00; it was nice to sleep in a bit. I spent the first three hours of the trip editing photos and reading, and then halfway back our driver, Mr. Y took us to his village to see his home and meet his family. The village was only about a kilometer off the main drag, but it was like entering a different world completely. Mr. Y lives in a compound with his 4 brothers and their families, plus his parents. The families seem quite well off, with each family owning a couple of water buffalo, lots of land, and not having very many children. But by western standards, it was definitely enlightening. Mr. Y, his wife, and 2 children live in a one-room house. His wife cooks in a corner right outside the house, the buffalo are penned in the front yard and yet they have electricity, a tractor, cell phones… Continue reading “Day 12 – Jaipur to Delhi”

Day 11 – Jaipur

Our day started off with breakfast at the hotel, after which our guide for the day, Mr. Sharma, met us at the hotel and rode to the Amber Fort with us. On the way, we stopped for a photo op of the Hawa Mahal (Wind Palace); not really a palace at all, but a 5-story structure with 152 windows that allowed the royal ladies to watch processions and events on the street below without being seen. Continue reading “Day 11 – Jaipur”