Out of the Hotel

We got our house last Thursday, October 8. I’ve got a few pictures for you, but I’ll hold off on more until we have our household goods (HHG) and we’re more settled in. It looks pretty barren at the moment. We met the people from the housing office here at 1:00, where they took us through the paperwork and showed us around. Although the individual rooms are small, there’s plenty of storage and I think we’ll be happy here. Like any home, there are good and bad things. Most of the bad things I already knew about, like the linoleum floors over concrete and the tiny bathrooms with very little counter space (and the tiniest little medicine cabinets I’ve ever seen!). The not-so-great surprises: the crappiest parking space imaginable, in a corner of the parking lot that is a pain in the ass to maneuver out of – can’t wait for snow and ice!; compact fluorescent bulbs in every room so each room is awash in stark white intense light; the shower in the master needing an extra-long shower curtain after I’d already bought and put up a regular sized (short) one; having to buy a microwave.

As for the shower curtain, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Domingos tried showering in there with the short curtain, and the floor got totally soaked, of course. So for my shower, I went into the guest bath, which had a regular tub which fit the curtain with no problem. That’s how we found out we have a leak into our kitchen! I say blessing in disguise, because I would never have tried the 2nd shower otherwise, and we would have been dealing with this when my parents visit in December and potentially had a lot of nice kitchen things damaged instead of this happening when we’ve got nothing in the house. We called at 8 the next morning, and maintenance was here by 8:20. They’ll come back later this week to fix it, as they weren’t able to do it in that one visit.

Here are a few pictures of the downstairs:

Living room – where our couch and TV will eventually go, open to the dining area and containing a pass-through to the kitchen
Kitchen, with lots of cabinet space, though I’ll need my step stool to reach all the upper shelves!
My office, which will double as the work-out room; open to the kitchen with a nice set of built-in shelves along that side of the room
Stairs up to the 2nd floor, where we have the master, guest room, 2 bathrooms, and a laundry room – no pictures yet!

So that’s the house! We’ve been able to give family tours via FaceTime, which was fun.

The furniture department had come the day before with all of our loaner furniture, and they places they decided to place pieces were decidedly odd. I think we ended up moving every single piece of furniture! The bed is insanely uncomfortable, like sleeping on a slab of concrete, but we bought a mattress topper and that’s helping a little. I can’t wait until our Tempurpedic arrives (hopefully in 7-10 days). We’ll be keeping some of the furniture for the length of our tour, and sending other pieces back when our HHG arrive.

We were supposed to have internet set up at 3:00 after we moved in, but no one showed up. We called multiple times and got various reports: “30 minutes behind,” “5 minutes away.” In the meantime, I dashed over to the ACS office to pick up some items from the lending closet – dishes, pans, and an iron/ironing board. Finally, we were about ready to give up and go to dinner at 6:55 when our doorbell rang. The gentleman who showed up was very sweet and apologetic, and I wasn’t about to be anything but nice to him since he was our chance at internet hook-up! He got us online quite fast, and explained the pricing system – we chose a 1-year contract for a ₩20,000 installation fee and ₩39,000 per month. (₩10,000 = a little less than $10). So far, even though we’re using a VPN, the internet has been great, and we’ve had no issues with streaming.

On Friday, we did our big shopping – PX for a microwave and other necessities, then the initial huge commissary trip (actually, 2 – we live so close that we decided to go once to get all the staples, then a second time to get cold and frozen items). I finally got to cook again after eating out far too many days in a row, and I made a bastardized jag with a soy chorizo that completely dissolved in the water (creating a delicious flavor), along with some sliced turkey sausage.


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