First, a link to my husband’s latest blog post about the Constitution and being an Army officer.  I know I’m biased, but I think he’s pretty brilliant.

Just looking at my calendar is making my head hurt.  I have a long to-do list for the next 2 days, and then Thursday I leave for Hilton Head.  I’m in Hilton Head until Tuesday, and then I go to Savannah, getting home Saturday evening.  I’m looking forward to the HH concerts: Appalachian Spring, Ravel G Major Piano Concerto, Dvorak Carnival Overture.  Savannah, not so much: “A Night in Vienna”.  Which for a violist means a lot of offbeats and cha-chas (no boom for us).  Anyway, I get home Saturday, February 2, and then I have 3 days at home before flying out to Indiana to visit my parents.  I then get 4 whole days at home before Domingos and I do a quick romantic getaway to NYC for Valentine’s Day weekend.  Then, 3 more days at home before another trip to Hilton Head!  Then one day to recover from all that traveling before I have my third gum surgery (horrors!).  Not to mention I have to fit my students into those little windows when I’m home.

This morning, I was all set to do the online VA application for educational benefits, but the website is down.  I plan to spend a lot of my free time in Hilton Head and Savannah working on a couple different business plans and upgrading some studio policies.  I’ve decided to do Suzuki training even if I can’t get the VA to pay for it.

Our catsitter gave Ella a bunch of Christmas presents in a red bag.  Ella’s favorite present by far was the bag.  She sits on it constantly, even now, a month later.



And a bit of nostalgia.  This is the last picture taken of my childhood cat, Smokey, shown here with my niece Maya.  This was either late 1996 or early 1997.

Scan 4

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