Olympic Park

Last weekend on a beautiful fall day, Domingos and I decided to check out Olympic Park, where the 1988 Olympics took place. The park was actually built in 1986 for the 1986 Asian Games as well as the 1988 Seoul Olympics. In the middle of the park, there’s an old site known as Mongchon Fortress, where there were large areas covered up with tarps that appeared to be archeological digs in progress. Hundreds of sculptures are scattered all over the park and there are many walking paths.We entered through the World Peace Gate:


You can rent four-wheeled bicycles, but we decided to stick to walking so that we could exit the park at a different location. We did follow a stamp tour path, though we chose not to get the stamps. If you want to do the stamp tour, pick up a map at the information desk at Peace Plaza just past the World Peace Gate, and then stamp each of the nine locations. If you return the completed stamped map to the information desk, you get a free gift!

In the plaza, there was a cool sculpture with rocks from each country at the base.


In front of the Mongchon Moat, the wall is inscribed with the winners of each event.


A sculpture called “Communication”:


View from the Mongchontoseong Trail path:

img_5869 img_5882

More lovely fall scenery:


This tree was on life support:


More interesting sculptures:

img_5890 img_5891 img_5895

A peek through the trees of the Olympic swimming building:


All in all, the park was lovely and I can’t wait to go back.

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