Old Papers

I’m slowly working my way through all my files and saved paperwork.  This is not a new thing for me (I’m sure you’re shocked), but this go-around is dedicated to sorting out the things I didn’t feel like dealing with at one time or another, such as document related to my old condo that I sold in 2008.  Also supporting tax documents from far too many years ago.

Anyway, ever since I was 16 years old and asked my parents for a file drawer for Christmas, I have kept a file folder labeled “Miscellaneous” for the things I couldn’t get rid of but couldn’t categorize any other way.  The contents have changed over the years, but they are always fun to sift through.  Before my paternal grandmother died, she gave me a collection of letters and cards I had written over the years.  I miss letters so much!  I wrote so many of them up through my mid-20s.  A lost art…  Anyway, here’s a particularly funny one from age 6.  Alice was a doll I received for Christmas.


After a sheaf of letters, next up is my stage pass from when I played with Barry Manilow in 2008 (there is no rhyme or reason within the Miscellaneous folder):



My Suzuki Certificate of Graduation for Book 1 hung on my dad’s studio bulletin board until I finally took it down sometime in college.  This one is especially appropriate, considering I’ll be doing the teacher training myself this summer.



Some things I won’t bother scanning: the flyer listing my condo for sale; a Virginia wine map with all the wineries Domingos and I have been to circled on it; a book of coupons I made my parents for Christmas in 1982 (such treasures as: “This coupon is worth four days of cleaning up your sewing table” and “This coupon states that I will go to bed on time. Expires Feb. 15, 1983 Dec. 31, 1983.”  I wonder how many of them I actually did!); a bunch of old report cards (why am I having trouble putting them in the recycling bin?); my undergrad photo ID; my last Army photo ID (before I became a dependent); my photo ID from a very brief stint (one semester) teaching at Norfolk State University; my Georgia driver’s license, which I will never part with since it was my best ID photo ever; and a dorky poem I wrote in second grade.

I found a few other things that interested me – the receipt from my LASIK surgery in 2003 for $3500.  Best money I ever spent in my life, worth every penny.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already!  Only someone who had glasses/contacts from elementary school onwards can truly understand how freeing that procedure was.

And, though it shames me, my SAT scores from 7th grade, when I participated in a Johns Hopkins study that had G&T 7th graders try taking the SAT without any prep.  I scored 380 out of 800 on Verbal (33rd percentile) and 440 out of 800 on Math (41st percentile).  My TSWE (Test of Standard Written English) scores were in the 58th percentile, though!  I know that I was only in 7th grade, and those are all college-bound seniors I was up against, but this was the only time in my life that I fell anywhere below the high 90s in percentile.  Hard to take.  😉

On that note, I think I’ll go return some emails.  I’m working on a new project that I’m not ready to divulge yet…


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