North Olmsted, OH: Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon

Tour, Day 4 (Continued)
I left Youngstown ahead of the band because I wanted to detour a bit to visit a Trader Joe’s. I took my time and also went in a Target, so I arrived at the North Olmsted (a Cleveland suburb) hotel just after the band got there. By the way, here’s a random storefront in Youngstown that made me laugh:

It’s not exactly a name that makes me want to go buy my bras there. 

As soon as we checked in, Domingos and I decided to go grab some lunch. We headed just down the road to Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon.

For some reason, the building made us both think of a V.F.W. hall. The restaurant space was huge and despite a big crowd, we were seated right away.

My burger had a pierogi on top of it! It was ridiculously good, and Domingos said his wings were excellent as well. They allow you to order any of their many, many draft beers in a sampler size, which was pretty cool. I’m not a huge beer drinker, so I just enjoyed their Goggle Fogger Hefe Weizen with my burger, leaving Domingos to try a few samples.

Alas, I have no photo of Day 4’s venue, because I lamed out and stayed at the hotel to have an R&R night. I have to admit to a little whining when we got back to our room after lunch. “I don’t want to unpack again!” Yeah, I definitely need to find my tour groove. I’m figuring things out as we go, and so far I’m pretty proud of working out and practicing every day except day 4 [she writes on day 4, as she sits on the bed in her pajamas while her husband is out working. No, I’m not going to eat one of the delicious smiley-face cookies Lexi gave me.]

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