New Year's Eve in Chiang Mai

This was a photo-heavy, content-light day: lots to show, little to say! In the morning we walked around the Old City section of Chiang Mai. We saw a ton of temples from the street but didn’t go inside any. We admired little details like lovely bridges crossing the moat that runs around the Old City and orchids planted on the sides of trees.


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Around 4:00, we met back up with Mom and Dad and walked over to the Saturday Walking Market on Wua Lai Road. The market was great, with lots of tasty street food to sample and interesting wares for sale.

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After we parted ways with Mom and Dad, who were still dealing with jet lag and a bum knee (Mom), we stumbled across the stunning Wat Sri Suphan, an all-silver temple.


This was my favorite temple in Chiang Mai, and we went back later in the daytime to get better photos of it. One interesting thing that happens is that the national anthem is played over loudspeakers at 6:00, and everyone stands stock-still in the streets while it plays. Well, this did happen as Mom told us it would, but the music abruptly stopped after one phrase. Everyone stood around for a minute, then continued walking, talking, and shopping. A minute later, there was a lengthy announcement in Thai, and then the full anthem finally played. The market got more and more crowded, so we left fairly soon after that.


On the way back, we stopped for gin & tonics, but it was not a late night and we were asleep by 10! We did wake up to some very loud fireworks at midnight, which we were able to watch from our bedroom window. Happy New Year!

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