My Fourth Decade – Memorable Experiences

There were a lot of cool, interesting things I got to do over the past decade. Unfortunately, I’m getting older and my memory is not what it used to be. I imagine that if I don’t have a picture of it in iPhoto, it’s lost. For example, Domingos and I went to hear U2 in 2009 in Atlanta, but since I don’t have a photo, the only reason I remembered that it happened at all was that I was looking up something on my calendar in 2009 and happened to see the U2 show. So, a few things that I actually do remember:


A recital in 2005 with friends (Hovhaness Chahagir, Sculthorpe Sonata for Viola and Percussion, Kodaly Serenade, Porter Suite for Viola Alone, Stravinsky Suite Italienne)

With my Kodaly cohorts Krista and Donnie
With my Kodaly cohorts Krista and Donnie

Performing Mozart Sinfonia Concertante in 2006 with Annette and the U. S. Army Orchestra, Jim Keene conducting

With Annette and Jim
With Annette and Jim

A recital in 2007 with friends (Beethoven Serenade for Flute, Violin, and Viola, Brahms Songs, Bach 3rd Gamba Sonata, Mozart 1st Duo for Violin and Viola)

Peggy, Susan, Laura, and Leneida

A memorable series of recitals in Charleston with Satin Dolls, where what I expect will be a lifelong friendship was born

With Annelise, Jadde, and Robbie
With Annelise, Jadde, and Robbie

Playing with Barry Manilow, Richard Marx (twice), and Jennifer Hudson – and a very weird private wedding for Toni Braxton’s sister in Atlanta

Gigs with National Gallery Orchestra, Alexandria Symphony, Washington Concert Opera, Maryland Symphony, Wolf Trap, Prince William Symphony, Chattanooga Symphony, Columbus (GA) Symphony, Savannah Philharmonic, Hilton Head Symphony, Augusta Symphony, Greenville Symphony, Virginia Symphony/Opera, Richmond Symphony, and countless others that I’m too lazy to go look up at the moment

Army moments other than the Mozart: Playing at the White House, Vice President’s Residence, Pentagon, many strolls at various quarters (Chief of Staff, Vice Chief of Staff, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff…), the Hawaii trips, lots of chamber recitals with fantastic colleagues, trips to New York, insane Spirit of America trips

Some unique teaching experiences, including a memorable and harrowing semester teaching violin and viola (and one bass!) at Norfolk State University, a stint filling in as a substitute middle school orchestra teacher, and a decade filled with lovable, awesome students who always make me proud

And, finally, a whole new direction in my 39th year: starting a certified financial planner course online and absolutely loving it.


I just can’t go chronologically on this one when the Red Sox won the World Series at Fenway last night. I started this last decade with less than zero interest in sports, and now I’m an out of control, die-hard, raging fan of all teams Boston. This Red Sox team is my favorite group of guys yet, and I’m so happy they won, especially with what Boston has been through this year.

Highlights of the last decade include attending all three games when the Red Sox came to Atlanta to play the Braves, multiple games at Fenway Park, and two games in Cleveland with my friend Cat.

July 4, 2011
July 4, 2011

In 2011, we finally got to see the Bruins at the TD Garden, a birthday present for Domingos. We’re going again at the end of November.

Before the game
Before the game

And in 2012, we visited Gillette Stadium (sadly, not for a Patriots game), but we had a great time visiting the Hall of Fame.

A very lifelike Richard Seymour cutout
A very lifelike Richard Seymour cutout


In no particular order, random awesome experiences of my 30s:

  • A dolphin experience at Sea Life Park, Hawaii dolphin
  • That aforementioned U2 concert in Atlanta
  • Cirque de Soleil’s LOVE in Vegas
  • Eating real Wagyu beef in Vegas
  • Several incredible meals at the now-closed Cru in NYC
  • A sunset private boat cruise with our friends Beth and Derrick
  • Riding an elephant in India with my husband on his 40th birthday
  • Buying and selling my first home
  • An amazing weekend at Reynolds Plantation, Georgia, complete with spa treatments, delicious meals, and a proposal
  • Laser hair removal! (okay, the actual experience wasn’t exactly awesome, but the results sure are!)

And so many other things that I know happened and just feel lost in the murky depths of memory at the moment. Though this post is already way too long, so maybe it’s just as well!

Next and last up: Friends, Family, Love, and Change in the last decade. That will be the hardest to write. Why did I save all of this until my last day of being 39???

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