More Food? Don't Mind If I Do!

… Or, the story of how Anjali eventually doubled in size.

It must seem like I’m always eating amazing food here in Seoul. And I pretty much am. I should probably double up on my workouts. A few more delicious eats:

Ginza Bairin: I tried a new dish here, curry udon noodles with pork cutlets on the side, and it was just as good as everything else they serve.


Braai Republic: Sadly, Braai has discontinued their awesome Thursday night Ladies’ Night with bottomless house wine for ₩8,000, but they still serve amazing food. Sorry for the poor quality photo, the lighting in there was not cooperating. Everything on this meat platter was perfection.


Sulbing Dessert Cafe: Well, I couldn’t let Dirk and Tracy go home without trying bingsu! We did our best to finish these two enormous servings, but ultimately failed.


+84: Terrific new Vietnamese restaurant in Insadong. The best I’ve had here in Seoul.

img_3511 img_3512

Sweet Potato Ice Cream: Also near Insadong, this sweet potato soft serve was delicious – creamy, not too sweet, and beautiful to look at.


Hakata Bunko: A fabulous ramen restaurant in Hongdae. There was a long line to eat there, but worth it. Get a side dish of the pork chasyu rice as well as the ramen if you go there, you won’t regret it. And take advantage of the garlic cloves & garlic press provided on the table to add minced garlic to your ramen.

img_3615 img_3614

Peony: Wow. There are no words to describe how awesome the strawberry cake and strawberry bingsu were at this Hongdae dessert cafe. A big thank you to Ye Seul for taking us there after the ramen restaurant!


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