Personal Favorite: Schubert Cello Quintet

As I was driving home last night from a weekend of gigs in DC, I had my iPhone on shuffle.  I have a lot of music from various recitals on my phone, and as a few performances popped up randomly, I decided it might be nice to share one of my favorites here on my blog.

Schubert is a funny composer for me; I could take or leave playing his symphonies, and I’m not that crazy about his song cycles, but I absolutely love playing and listening to his chamber music. My two favorite pieces of his are both quintets: the “Trout” Quintet for piano and strings, and the Cello Quintet.  I finally had the opportunity to perform both works during my tenure with the Army Strings.

Here is the Emerson Quartet with Mstislav Rostropovich performing the first movement of the Cello Quintet (it’s so long that it had to be broken up into two sections):

In section 1, pay close attention around the 1:49 mark; it’s one of the most sublime moments in music that never fails to make me swoon a little.

In a little side note, I met Rostropovich once and he gave me a slobbery kiss on my neck.  And kept staring at my boobs.  Blech.

That’s all, folks.  Life is super busy right now and I’ll be back for more when I can.

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