Meerkat Cafe

I thought I was over the whole animal cafe thing here in Seoul, but then I heard about the new meerkat cafe in Hongdae. A chance to play with meerkats? Count me in!

Like most of the other animal cafes, you leave your shoes just outside the entrance to the cafe and wear a pair of the provided rubber slippers. You have to buy a drink at inflated prices, which serves as your admission fee. The meerkats are in a central enclosure with glass walls, and small groups are let in for 10-minute intervals to interact with them. While you wait your turn, you can observe the antics of the meerkats, as well as catch glimpses of the shy Arctic fox that freely wanders the cafe.

There was also an adorable kitten, a caged raccoon, and what I think was a sleeping ocelot in a cage. Quite the menagerie! The meerkats are the main attraction, however, and they were endlessly entertaining.

They are very inquisitive, and love to burrow into anything they can. You are also instructed to take nothing in, even in your pockets (other than your phone for photos), as they will dig into your pockets and steal things.

One meerkat decided to check out the view from a little higher up. It was definitely an odd sensation!

This meerkat actually started to unzip this lady’s skirt as she sat there taking pictures of the other meerkats in front of her!

I think there is an age limit of 15 and up, so there are no children allowed. We had actually stopped by to check it out first on a Saturday, and it was so busy that we just went back on the next free weekday Domingos had. I highly recommend a visit, and I may try to go back one more time as well.

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