Mad Korea Prep

So I haven’t written anything about Korea since that first post, and I thought I would procrastinate organizing for the move by sharing an update now. Everything has been ticking along – I got command sponsorship, we got the orders, the move has been scheduled, and travel has been booked for the end of September. I don’t have much advice to give in any of those areas, as most of them are handled by the military member.

Today I feel frazzled, and here is why:

  • One week from today – Moving Company #1 comes to pack up all of our items that are being put into storage while we’re in Korea, which means all those items need to be clearly separated from the items we’re taking to Korea. This is truly a huge pain in the ass, more so than it would be for most people I think, as we want to prepare for the possibility of living in our 1-bedroom condo in northern Virginia when we return from Korea. Lots of planning and thinking involved here.
  • One week from tomorrow – Moving Company #1 comes to pick up and load the boxes and furniture being put into storage.
  • One week from Thursday – Moving Company #2 comes to both pack and load the items being sent to Korea in our HHG (Household Goods) shipment, which will hopefully arrive sometime in October.
  • Two weeks from Thursday, we will drive to Richmond after the School’s graduation concert that night so that my husband can provide support for a change of command Friday morning.
  • That next Saturday morning, we take off (from Richmond) for a month of travel in Europe and Boston.

Is that an insane schedule, or what? When we get back from the Europe-Boston trip, we’ll be staying in a hotel for 3 weeks, so we’ll have to move all of our stuff that isn’t going to Europe into my husband’s office the day before we move out of our home here in Virginia Beach.

So instead of working hard, I’m writing in my blog. I’m so tired of shuffling items around the house. I did manage to take care of all the kitchen items last week, grouping the storage stuff all in one area, but I haven’t done anything about the pantry yet, something I’m dreading. I cooked a bunch of meals last week and froze them (in disposable containers) since we’re not keeping back any cooking utensils or pans. I worked on my desk this morning. We have some items we hope to donate to charity in that last week, so we’ll still have a desk, 2 chairs, and the air mattress to live with for 8 days. We’ll have one last small shipment, called Unaccompanied Baggage, that ships out after we return from Boston, so we can throw anything in there that we forgot about. But just dealing with all the small fiddly bottles and jars – anything that has liquids in it – is such a pain! None of those things can go in storage or the HHG shipments, so any liquids we want to keep have to either be shipped or go in our own luggage. If I sound cranky, it’s just because I’m tired and it’s hot and I have too many details jumping around in my brain. An overseas move is a lot of work, but I know it will all be worth it once we’re there and settled in. I am really, really excited about this next adventure in our lives!

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