Lunch Out in Itaewon

Yesterday, I ran into a woman who had been next door to us in the hotel. By happy chance, she’s living in the same neighborhood on post now, and it was nice to reconnect. She invited me to go out with her two young girls and another neighbor today. It was really nice to have companionship and a social outing! We went to lunch first. Here’s part of the menu:


I don’t know if you can see the fine print, but the first item on the menu was “hot relieve fungus sundae-guk.” As you can imagine, I was sorely tempted, but luckily Marie warned me that there were intestines in it and so I might not like it. I’ll save that for another, more adventurous day. I chose the “bone hangover soup,” which was incredibly delicious and just the right amount of spicy. I can see this being a regular destination in the cold wintertime.


Next, Marie showed us 2 international markets. The first was on the small side but will be my go-to store for Indian spices and ingredients. The next store was larger and had a great selection of international food ingredients. We followed up with a normal grocery store visit. 


I am very curious what “scorched rice” and “bamboo salt” candies taste like. Stocking stuffers?

Torrential rains are being predicted for the weekend, which is a bummer. We may go explore the enormous COEX mall. We certainly can’t sit around the house all weekend – it’s too boring with none of our HHG!

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